Live Free | The "Pura Vida" Spirit

Pura Vida was founded in 2010 by Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman, who discovered the bracelets while on a vacation in Costa Rica.

Griffin and Paul teamed up with artisans to create handcrafted bracelets in endless colour combinations—each one as unique as the person wearing it. What started out as selling just a few bracelets a week has grown into a worldwide movement with millions of bracelets sold each year.

to spread the “pura vida” lifestyle globally through responsibly made products that inspire positivity and give back. Over the last few years, we’ve partnered with more than 200 charities around the world to donate over $4 million to causes you care about. We’re always striving to do more and are constantly on the lookout for more charities that can benefit from Pura Vida.

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